regen anti aging has just opened in boca raton to assist the community with all their life extension needs
visit regen for your complimentary consulation with our doctor to see if you are eligable for radio frequency sculpting
we offer everything at regen from botox to prp to make you look great and feel even better

Welcome to ReGen Anti Aging

Regen is finally here. Once you visit our anti aging clinic, you will not want to go anywhere else. Our certified doctors and highly trained staff specialize in using the latest and greatest technology to achieve optimal results for reversing the clock and making you look great. Treatments range from aesthetics such as facial rejuvenation which will make your skin glow, to biodentical infusions which will make you feel brand new.

All of our valued patients start with a complimentary consultation with our doctor to address the body as a whole and determine the appropriate procedures to help the patient regain that youthful appearance. Our goal is not only to make you look better but to feel better, more youthful and happier in your skin. Let our doctors guide you in the right direction to restored youth. You will be amazed with the results you will get.

Anti-Aging Services - Radio Frequency Sculpting

Radio Frequency Sculpting

RF uses low frequency ultrasound to disrupt adipose tissue (fat cells) while stimulating collagen production. This patented technology softens hard, fat tissue, breaks up fat, removes wrinkles, strengthens and tightens skin, and shapes the body. The result is smooth, radiant skin and dramatic fat loss.

Anti-Aging Services - Radio Frequency Sculpting

Platelet Rich Plasma

Use your own platelets to regenerate tissues naturally; this is the precursor to stem-cell therapy. Learn more about this safe and unique process of increasing the baseline concentration of these platelets, yielding a powerful cocktail of growth factors.